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Text in Videos: Why You Should Be Using This Popular Trend – Internally and Externally

Text in Videos: Why You Should Be Using This Popular Trend – Internally and Externally

I’ve talked a bit about videos on my blog, but this post is dedicated to a new trend in internet videos  ̶  including text. I’m not talking about music videos with lyrics. Although I’ll throw this into the mix because I just love this song:

But back to business. If you’re on Facebook regularly, you’ve probably seen videos on your news feed. As you scroll, the video usually plays automatically without sound.

Someone  ̶  I’d love to know who  ̶  recognized that putting text in videos to tell the story along with the visuals is an effective element of their media. If you’re like me, you’re on Facebook at work (unless my boss is reading this… in which case I am definitely NOT on Facebook at work!!!). While we want to watch videos on our news feeds, we don’t want to turn up the volume and let everyone in the office know we’re spending time on social media. The text or subtitle features allow us to understand what’s happening in the video without relying on sound.

Here’s a good example from Now This:

So considering that there’s still an apprehension among many office workers about viewing videos on the computer (even if it’s on the company intranet), or the fact that people in today’s social media and mobile world skim content  ̶  even videos  ̶  then including text in your videos is a perfect solution for making sure your message comes across – in external and internal videos. Whether it’s subtitles or narrative text, this is a trend worth adopting in your corporate and marketing videos. It’s a little extra work, but considering that people are now getting used to it, it’d be shortsighted to abstain from accommodating this expectation.

I’d love to get your feedback. Are you using text in your videos?  Are there any other visual elements you include that enhance them? The Comment section… it’s there for a reason, ya know.

And now a break from business. If you’re allergic to cute, you might want to look away:

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