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Some Holiday Relaxation: One of My Favorite Videos

Some Holiday Relaxation: One of My Favorite Videos


It’s Memorial Day, and like you, I’m in the mood to take it a little easy today. But I want to post something (mostly because I know I’ll ruin your holiday if I don’t), so I decided to highlight one of my favorite videos I created for a previous employer. I think it’s a good example of having fun with subject matter that might seem dull on the surface – something I discussed in a recent post.

I was tasked to make this video when the Actuary department in the organization made an effort to “get the word out” about what the area. Actuaries are self-admitted introverts – they’re smart and just do their jobs without much fanfare or recognition, but they’re very important parts of the insurance industry. They share the same kind of reputation as accountants – not the biggest party people around.

The actuaries in this particular organization wanted to shake that image. So they came to me and asked for help with a video that would project a light-hearted image. I asked about their jobs and what some of the perceptions were. They gave me a few “myths” that could be debunked through the video. So after so

me thought, I took each of those myths and thought about ways to debunk them. Below is the final product. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!


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