Creatively Corporate


creative-725811_1920In an age of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and a seemingly endless supply of social media channels based on quick, short content, grabbing the attention of your audience – internal and external – can be a challenge. That’s why it’s more important than ever to think of creative ways to build engagement and help ensure your message is being delivered effectively.

Creatively Corporate provides a resource for communicators looking to explore their creative side and push the traditional limits of their profession – through execution of content, finding new practices or processes that streamline tasks and provide more time for creativity, or other innovations or new paradigms.

Whether through writing, video, graphics, or whatever new technologies may come about, Creatively Corporate wants to build a community that helps corporate communicators (employee communicators and marketers) find their creative voice.

Let’s Be Socrates
Socrates was called the wisest man because he knew enough to know he didn’t know everything. We all need to learn more, and in the communication field, there’s always new knowledge to acquire and perspectives to explore – not just writing, video, and editing, but social media, infographics, podcasting, and so much more. Understanding these topics can help us push the envelope of traditional communication and help our corporate culture become more engaging and collaborative.

Creatively Corporate wants to motivate you through the community we’re building to learn about the latest trends, technologies, methods, etc. so you can become more diverse in your communication skills and expertise.

Help us build that community
Read, comment, contact, and contribute! You communicate, and by default… you’re awesome! So be a part of something that celebrates your skill, your talent, and your quest to push your creative boundaries and engage a greater audience!