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Is Periscope a Potential Corporate Communication Tool?

Is Periscope a Potential Corporate Communication Tool?

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I freely admit that this is a post that is purely speculative. Recently, I’ve discovered the Periscope app and have been really interested in it from a potential tool for marketing and internal communications. If you’re not familiar with the latest hot app, let’s break it down:

Periscope is a live streaming video app for Apple and Android phones that’s owned by Twitter (so you have to have a Twitter account to use it). When you log on, you can see others who are on and “scoping” (broadcasting live streaming video). The people can be people you’re following on Twitter, following via Periscope, or random users you can find using the global map feature. You can also receive alerts whenever someone you’re following starts scoping.

You can view video from people from around the world who just want to share whatever is going on with them at the moment – they might just want to chat, share a get-together with friends, vent while they’re at work… the topics and scenarios are endless. Some can be a bit boring. I’ve seen people set up their phones on their dashboards and just broadcast their trip down the road, for example.

Frankly, it can get addictive simply because it’s the ultimate in the voyeur experience. At first glance, it might not appear to have much value other than satisfying one’s curiosity about the lives of others, but as a communicator, it’s easy to see the value in scoping from a marketing, and even internal communication, perspective.

I’ve already seen passive marketing scopes from some bloggers and podcasters I follow. They talk about new content they’re creating or project they’re working on. They’ve used the tool not only to provide good and useful content, but to direct people to their websites or podcasts. So clearly Periscope has a viable marketing potential. Here are just a few ideas:

  • A video game developer talking about and previewing a new game he’s creating
  • A CEO or executive of a retail organization holding a Q&A with customers about product changes, community initiatives, etc.
  • A movie director or actor giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the movie on which they’re currently working to build excitement

Internal/Corporate Communications
So Periscope seems like a good tool for marketers to keep on their radar, but what about internal communicators? I see some possibilities here, as well. Now, because Periscope is a public application, there are security issues to consider. You don’t want someone outside the organization watching an executive presentation while confidential content is being discussed. Maybe security measures are or will be available in the future (password access to the broadcast, for instance) to prevent these possibilities, but again, this is simply a speculative endeavor. That said, here are a few ideas:

  • A town hall meeting that can be streamed from headquarters to satellite locations, rather than hooking up conference equipment or having employees log in to a website (and setting up the log-in credentials, etc.)
  • Weekly or monthly messages from the CEO or COO about the state of the business, new initiatives, etc.
  • A “Health Tips” segment with a qualified expert just for employees

I really do think that Periscope – or whatever similar applications eventually crop up – will have a role in the strategies of both external and internal communicators. What do you think? Let me know how you see if you see this as a potential tool for your communication purposes. Or do you think I’m totally off base? Maybe you think there’s potential for huge PR debacles? Let me know in the Comment section!

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