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Hump Day Mind Dump

Hump Day Mind Dump


I decided to try something new for Creatively Corporate. Since this is a blog based on finding creative methods to enhance corporate communications, I thought I’d post on Wednesdays my Mind Dump notes. Regularly writing down notes when we have a thought, idea, or observation can help in the creative process. So to show others what I do – which is nothing really fancy, other than type into my Evernote account – and give you insight into my semi-twisted mind, I want to publish my notes from the past week.

By the way, I’m not wedded to the title for this feature. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears (or I guess… eyes since this is a blog). Please let me know in the Comment section or shoot me an email.

Hope you’re week is going awesome (or at least adequate)! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my email list. You are the proverbial bomb.

Mind Dump – October 21, 2015

  • Blog idea – Periscope. The uses for internal and marketing communications
  • Need to find a good task organizer/project management tool. Slack? Asana? They seem more for team collaboration.
  • I might be the only person on Earth who doesn’t use emjois.
  • Viral video idea – Flash mob for accountants. Have accountants writing in ledgers/typing on calculators – congregate in the middle of a public area. The crowd will have no idea they’re even there.
  • If I had an employee that used the term, “a whole nother,” I would have to make one of his/her review goals to stop saying that.
  • Good spoof for internal comm video – the GEICO “It’s what you do” commercials.
  • Need to look into this LinkedIn Slideshare. What would my first one be? Videos?
  • Why don’t I see more memes in advertisements?
  • That Honda commercial with the animated diagrams is friggin incredible. I know it was done by computer animation, but I can’t even imagine how they did it.


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