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Hump Day Mind Dump: October 28, 2015

Hump Day Mind Dump: October 28, 2015

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We’ve reached the mid-way point of the week! Time to post my notes for the week in today’s Hump Day Mind Dump…

  • I wonder how many companies still block sites like Facebook. Is it the same kind of fear when telephones started appearing in offices? I assume some will get over it eventually, but how many are still forbidding it? Seems kind of silly since anyone can just pull out their phones and log on.
  • Blog post idea – B-roll. I assume everyone knows what this is, but not sure. Video novices probably understand it, but do they know what it’s called, what it’s purpose is, etc.?
  • Blog post idea – Creative process. It’s somewhat intuitive. How to break it down into tips that others can use?
  • Adobe After Effects – I need to learn this.
  • I’d love to do a webinar. Which topic?
  • Coming up with a product or concept is half the battle. You need to become a marketer after you’ve created your content.
  • Not to sound like Grandpa Reed, but I really don’t get a lot of popular music now. Seems more attitude than music.
  • Seeing that GlowForge video on Facebook a lot….  HOLY SHMOLY!
  • Last week had all that Back to the Future hype on social media. I remember as a kid thinking that we’d have flying cars and treadmill sidewalks by now. Who dropped the ball on those?
  • Why do some people pronounce “processes” as “prah-seh-seez”? The root word isn’t “processis.”

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