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Hump Day Mind Dump – November 4, 2015

Hump Day Mind Dump – November 4, 2015


We’ve reached the mid-way point of the week! Time to post my notes for the week in today’s Hump Day Mind Dump…

  • I’ve been watching some of the demo videos on GoAnimate. What a great way to build engaging content! A bit pricey, but I might want to try this out…. review for readers?
  • I’ve experienced text messaging with internal communications. What other mobile vehicles are there to communicate to employees? Do platforms like Yammer have mobile apps?
  • I don’t care how much I think I’m doing it well enough, I can’t effectively proofread without printing. Something about staring at the screen that doesn’t do it for me.
  • There aren’t enough meet-ups in my area for communicators. Maybe I need to start one.
  • What basics of video do communicators need? Sometimes I think everyone must know everything about video, but then I see some pretty bad videos, and I realize, there’s still a big need for basic video production knowledge.
  • Need a new giveaway for blog readers – Tips for writing, editing, and/or proofreading?
  • I heard someone say “irregardless” the other day… ugh.
  • I need to try to edit using iMovie again. Haven’t done it in a while, but didn’t like it much when I last used it. Maybe it’s better?

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