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Hump Day Mind Dump – November 18, 2015

Hump Day Mind Dump – November 18, 2015

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Week – halfway over. Hump Day Mind Dump – posted. You – happy.

  • Whatever happened to ninja movies? Growing up in the 80s, they were coming out all the time – Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja, etc. What happened to that genre? Is it primed for a comeback?
  • Met someone in a tavern who is really hot to make a movie about a group of women who were bomber pilots in WWII. He wants to make a dramatic feature like A League of Their Own. I see it more as a documentary, with a dramatic feature later if someone wants to make it. Contemplating contacting this guy. Would love to make a doc.
  • Emjois in internal subject lines – plausible?
  • How big is Instagram as a marketing tool, and for what demographic? I don’t know anyone on Instagram… not religiously anyway.
  • I’ll never forget What’s Her Name
  • Certain words I always have trouble spelling: privilege, apocalypse, curmudgeon, etc. No matter how many times I type them, I always get it wrong. When I see that little red line under them, my first thought is always, “Well how the hell else are you supposed to spell that???”
  • I admire people who can create cool video titles. I aspire to do titles as good, but they always look blah to me.

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