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Hump Day Mind Dump – November 11, 2015

Hump Day Mind Dump – November 11, 2015


We’ve reached the mid-way point of the week! Time to post my notes for the week in today’s Hump Day Mind Dump…

  • You need to sell Paris, not the flight – love that saying.|
  • How does watching “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” make me feel so damn old?
  • Gamification in internal communications… what are the possibilities?
  • Had a slightly toasted gentleman pitch a movie idea to me last night. I’d actually want to do it as a documentary, but he wants to do it as a dramatic feature. We exchanged info. We’ll see if he comes down to Earth.
  • Tried meditation for a month this past summer. Didn’t seem to help much, but maybe I need to try again.
  • Sometimes I’m amazed at how little still know about MS Word. I’m always Googling how to do something.
  • You know what word doesn’t get used much anymore? “Gargantuan.” I gotta find more ways to use that word.

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