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How I Did It: Simple Editing Tricks Can Enhance Standard Video Content

How I Did It: Simple Editing Tricks Can Enhance Standard Video Content

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As I prepare for the New Year (which, pretty much just entails me thinking, “Hey! The New Year’s coming up!”), I’m trying to make it easy on myself this week, so I thought I might do one of my How I Did It posts. For this one, I want to talk about taking standard video content – just a person talking to a camera – and what’s one way to make it more interesting. For this example, I’m going to demonstrate how I used jump-cut editing and the Fade to White transition in my editing software for enhancement.

The background: I am a wine enthusiast and discovered this podcast called Wine for Normal People a few years ago (if you’re into wine, please check it out!). During one episode, the host, Elizabeth Schneider, remarked that she was having trouble finding time to edit her videos. So I contacted her and volunteered to help.

The video she sent was a few minutes of her showing different types of wine glasses and explaining with what kind of wine each should be used. It was just one video of straight talk – no b-roll and no close-ups. So in order to make it a little more dynamic, I broke up the video into a few segments and transitioned each with a Fade to White transition in Adobe Premiere, which gave it a “flash” effect. I also zoomed in and out on Elizabeth using Premiere to make it look like there were multiple takes. I also created some graphics to reinforce what she discussed.

This is a simple example… nothing complicated. I share this to demonstrate how even standard video of a person talking for a few minutes, with no additional footage shot, can be made into a visually appealing piece of content.

So, allow me to share the raw video, along with the edited video below. If you have any thoughts or questions, let me know in the Comment section below. And don’t forget to sign up for my weekly email recap! Just fill out the form to the right of your screen!

The raw video:


The final edited video:

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