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How I Did It: Personal Story in a CEO Newsletter

How I Did It: Personal Story in a CEO Newsletter

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This is the second How I Did It post on Creatively Corporate – the last one discussed an example of an internal video I created based on an organization team-building event. This one takes a look at adding a personal story to a CEO newsletter.

So here’s the background: I work in a hospital system, which for the past year, has focused on an internal program to engage employees to do what they can to improve the patient experience and raise our satisfaction scores. The initiative is called Operation Recommend Our Hospital. No, it’s not the most creative name (I take no credit for it!), but a clinical organization like ours isn’t abundant in creativity… which is good. They should be focused on providing care to the patients.

Anyway, the area of each hospital campus that shows the greatest increase in satisfaction scores, there’s a presentation of a congratulatory banner and photo op with senior leadership.

On this particular day, the CEO was taking a photo with the winning team, but one person was missing – one of the nurses. After the photo was taken, the nurse showed up, explaining he had bought a tube of Fixodent for a patient who had forgotten hers. The CEO was so impressed, she wanted to share his story in her internal newsletter.

I ghostwrite the newsletter, so I was a little puzzled at how to write this. It seemed odd to have the CEO relay the story. I had spoken to the nurse and knew the details of the story, but it seemed like a stretch that the CEO of the organization would have such intimate knowledge of the story to the point that it would be so accurately recounted. On top of it, there was some perspective on the nurse’s philosophy of caring for his patients and the attitude of his teammates, which again would seem awkward for such familiarity from the CEO.

So, I thought it best that the nurse tell his own story. You’ll see in the newsletter the approach I took. Again, these How I Did It posts aren’t to show off my impeccable writing or video styles. They’re more of a demonstration about how to creatively address different situations. Anyway… check out the newsletter, and let me know any thoughts or experiences of your own in the Comment section below.

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