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How I Did It: A Simple Internal Video ̶ The Wiffle Ball Tournament

How I Did It: A Simple Internal Video ̶ The Wiffle Ball Tournament

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This is a new type of post I’ve decided to try, and hope to do a bit more often, called How I Did It. The goal is to show you how I arrived at a final product, whether writing or video. I’ll show you what I started with  and the final result.

This first one is a video project I did recently for my organization. A little background information:

  • In an effort to build team spirit, the Employee Engagement Committee decided to hold an annual Wiffle Ball Tournament, in which employees and their families could play.
  • The committee asked me to produce a video to show internally to the rest of the employee population to view – to show a recap and hopefully inspire people to come next year.
  • For this year’s event, I was busy this day, so a freelance videographer was there to record action and interviews.
  • The final product is a three-minute video that gives a general overview of the event and a few interviews at the end.

That’s the gist, and I freely admit, this is not great work. It’s something I did in a rush as a favor to support my coworkers. So don’t expect cinematic greatness. That’s not the point. Again, the goal is to show how you can shoot and edit a quick, simple video that employees will enjoy and can enhance engagement.

So here is the raw footage. It’s 30 minutes, so I don’t expect you to watch it all. Watch a few minutes, skip through a bit, watch another few minutes, and so on. You’ll get the gist.

Here’s the final project. What you’ll notice is taking just a few seconds of different parts of the event, and editing them in a row  ̶  dispersing different types of action  ̶  produces a good snapshot of what happened during the day. Then hearing testimonials from those who participated in the event reinforces the message you convey visually. Usually I like to tag the speakers(add a graphic for identification), but I was in a rush and didn’t think it was really necessary in this instant.

So there it is. I think it just goes to show that anyone can make a fun, simple video that employees will enjoy – even if you didn’t shoot the video! If you have examples you’d like to share, please paste a link in the Comment section, and let me know what you did for your video.

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