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How I Did It: A Newsletter from Just a Few Sentences

How I Did It: A Newsletter from Just a Few Sentences

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This is one of those posts when I gloat, much like my Sportsmanship or my Wine Blog video examples. Last week I was asked to write a new edition of a newsletter that I author frequently from our organization’s Chief Nursing Officer. The result was a source of pride for me. Why? Here’s the direction I was given:

“I would like to pull something together related to the recent Orlando shooting and the impact on the community. The tie in would be that our Torresdale Campus ER nurses have banded together and to honor the nurses at the Orlando Regional Medical Center(where those patients were all taken) have sent lunch and dinner to the staff. I  too have reached out to their CNO to thank them for all they did and let them know we recognize the power of nursing in those difficult moments for a community.”

So just a few points, from which I needed to make a one-page edition. For today’s post, I wanted to share the final result.

The point is to demonstrate that sometimes you need to find a deeper meaning in a few pieces of information in order to create something of substance. When it comes to telling a story such as this, one’s creative nature really comes into play. It’s how we engage with our audience by connecting with our humanity and emotions. Sometimes it’s difficult, but if we remember that all of us want to feel a connection with our fellow man, it’s not as much of a demanding task as we might think at first.

Anyway… I invite you to have a read and let me know your thoughts. Have you been in a similar predicament when you’ve had to create a substantive communication with little direction from which to work? Tell us about it in the Comment section below.

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