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Here’s Me Showing Off: Kettlebell Videos

Here’s Me Showing Off: Kettlebell Videos

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I admit I haven’t been the best blog master lately, but I have a perfectly sound reason!  I’ve been helping a friend – Pat Flynn, who’s a fitness trainer/coach and owner of Chronicles of Strength – make some videos for his website, Facebook page, sales pages, etc. There are other videos currently being shot and edited, but two that we recently put in the can were how-to demonstrations of basic kettlebell exercises.

I share them with you to provide insight into the approach, and hopefully to help make you more aware of the production and editing processes.

In most how-to videos, you see the instructor explain the moves before and during the demonstration. And I actually recorded Pat doing just that. Then I recorded close-ups of each phase of the exercise, which was to be B-roll shown while Pat was speaking.

As I was editing, I thought the best footage was the B-roll. And then I thought of the persona Pat was trying to portray – he’s a self-described minimalist, meaning he believes in getting maximum effort by cutting out all the stuff you don’t need to do.

So, I decided to create videos that provided that minimalist vibe. No speaking, just demonstration, and highlighting the important points graphically.

The biggest points I think I can make with this example are:

  1. Sometimes less is more. Even if you shoot a lot of main footage, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to use all of it. In fact, it’s good that you have it because if you decide to stick with your original plan, it’s there.
  2. The final product isn’t always what you had in mind at the beginning, and that’s OK. Like any piece of content –video or writing – you might find during the process that there’s something better than your original idea. That doesn’t mean your first concept wasn’t good, it’s just that you were able to build on it and make a better one.
  3. Many times, videos are created in editing. Again, as you go through all phases of your content creation, one phase my dictate your direction more than the others. While you think you’re nailing it in the recording phase, you might find a different perspective later on in editing.

So here are the videos below. Pat was pleased, so I was pleased. Take a look and let me know what you think in the Comment section.

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