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Are You Using Photo Memes In Your Internal Communications?

Are You Using Photo Memes In Your Internal Communications?

For internal communicators, there’s always a push toward making our Intranet articles more engaging by adding visual elements that complement the content. Naturally, when we do employee or team profiles, we usually include photos of the people who are the focus of the article. Or if there’s an internal campaign like an annual open enrollment, for instance, we might include a specially designed logo and/or slogan.

Of course, the ultimate goal is engagement. So when trying to get employees to buy in to our content at first glance, why not utilize the social media elements that grab our attention when we’re on Facebook or Twitter? Specifically, I’m talking about those photo memes that so many use as a comical way to make a statement or observation. We’ve all seen the baby pumping his fist, or the World’s Most Interesting Man in a variety of different messages.

I should preface this by saying, I’ve not found any information that photo memes are trending in employee communications. I know that marketers have found ways to adopt this visual style, but I’m not familiar with internal communicators who are using this approach. So, if you are using memes in your employee communication vehicles… you, my friend, are awesome! If you have any examples you want to share, please let me know in the Comment section.

So let’s consider a few ways we might use photo memes. These are just a few ideas to demonstrate how this kind of visual can be utilized. There are a few meme generators online (ImgFlip and Meme Generator). You can also create your own using Photoshop and the Impact font.

Now it goes without saying… use good judgment. Using the Drunk Baby image or photos  with firearms would probably be a bad idea. Consider your culture and pick benign images. If you can find the right balance between humor and the message you’re trying to convey, the engagement value this kind of visual media can have is pretty obvious.

creatively corporate training meme

When you’re encouraging employees to complete software training.

creatively corporate smart goals

When it’s time for employees to establish their goals for the next year.

creatively corporate customer service

When you want to remind employees about focusing on the customer.

When you want to encourage the proper process tools.

When you want employees to complete their open enrollment.

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