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6 Habits of Creative People

6 Habits of Creative People

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When it comes to being more creative, it helps to adopt the habits of creative people. By habits, I don’t mean writing as much as possible, making more videos, practicing graphic design skills, etc…. although that certainly helps. Rather, I mean picking up traits that many creative people share. Let’s check out some of them. s

Waking Up Early
This isn’t just a habit of creative people; it’s a habit of successful people. Believe me, I used to sleep in until 10 a.m. on the weekends, but now if I sleep past 6 a.m., I feel like half my day is gone. Getting up early gives you the time you need to think, work out concepts, and execute your ideas. So if you’re not an early riser, start setting your alarm back 15 minutes for a week, then another 15 minutes the next week, and so on, until you get to a point where you’re allotting yourself enough time to create new ideas, but not depriving yourself of essential sleep. For those who treasure their sleep (and believe me, I am one of them), the transition is a difficult one. But the extra time you can give yourself – before your day really gets started – will make all the difference in your quest to generate new, better ideas, and gives you a head start on the day to get more done.

Scheduling Quiet Time
This could be part of your “getting up early” regimen. Give yourself at least a half hour dedicated to clearing your mind. Sometimes our brains are filled with the daily minutia of everyday life. We need to give ourselves time to free ourselves of that burden and let our minds roam free. As Saturday Night Live’s Stuart Smalley (played by Al Franken) said, “Worrying is just paying interest on money you’ll probably never borrow.” So make time to take a break from daily stress. Mediate, do Tai-Chi, or just sit in silence. Clear your head to make room for new, fresh ideas.

Keeping a Notebook/Note App                                       
Creative people have ideas pop in their heads at any time, so they usually keep a notebook to jot down these fleeting thoughts before they’re gone. So keep a small notebook and a pen handy at all times, or have a note-taking app on your phone you can use to record any ideas that enter your noggin. Write down everything you can. You never know what seemingly small thoughts can blossom into your next brilliant concept.

Being Curious
One of the key ways to expand your mind is to be inquisitive about anything and everything. Always wonder how things work. If you’re a writer, get interested in video creation. If you’re a video producer, learn how you can be a better writer. As long as you’re always interested in learning, then you’ll open yourself up to knowledge, and that can lead you on the path to being more creative.

Thinking of Failures as Learning Experiences
Creative folk take risks when they try new things, and not all of those risks pay off. But even when your creative endeavors fall short, that is an opportunity to learn. Instead of focusing on the negative, think about what didn’t work and how you might do things differently the next time. Getting frustrated rarely helps. Consider the potential you have instead of the success you might have missed.

Finding Other Creative People
People are sponges. We absorb the energy around us, so if you can surround yourself with those who have creative energy, the more likely you are to take in the characteristics that make creative people who they are. Find creative types and think of any excuse you can to spend more time with them.

For those of you who consider yourselves creative, what other habits do you have that you think help you generate more and better ideas and content? Let us know in the Comment section below!

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