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5 Tips for Showing Your Portfolio

5 Tips for Showing Your Portfolio

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I’m a bit late with this week’s first post, and this one will be a tad short. So I thought it would be fun to touch on a topic to which I think all of us can relate – going to an interview for a job or freelance gig, and having to show a portfolio of our work.

We all have our own ways of showing off the content we’ve created, but I wanted to focus on a few ways I think today’s communicator can project him/herself as a contemporary professional ready to add some creativity and innovation to a client or employer.

Brand Yourself
A popular trend among modern-day creative professionals is adopting a personal brand. An entrepreneurial spirit is one that denotes an outside-the-box personality, and your brand reflects that to potential employers. Create a logo – or if you’re not a graphic designer, have a colleague or friend who is create one for you. Another option is to pay a professional a nominal fee to create your logo on sites like or

Show Your Best Work
I’ve known people who have gone to interviews with a TON of writing samples. I know we’re all proud of every piece of work we’ve ever done, but this can be overwhelming to the hiring manager. Less is more. Be ready with your very best work, making sure there’s a diverse representation of what you’ve created over the years. During the interview, your potential employer isn’t going to logistically see all of this anyway, so don’t make a tense situation by trying to zoom through everything you’ve ever produced.

Go Digital
When it comes to showing your samples, paper has always been the traditional way to go. That’s the word… “traditional.” If you want to radiate the perception of being someone who likes to push the envelope, paper might not be the way to go. Get out your laptop or your tablet and create a digital presentation of your work that highlights your work in an aesthetically dynamic way.

Show Examples of Engagement
As corporate communicators and marketers, it’s great to create awesome-looking content, but in the end, it’s all about engaging an audience.  If you can collect the data, bring engagement rates, sales figures, or even photos of employees/customers enjoying or engaging with your materials. Prove that you can drive results and attract an audience.

Leave Behind Samples or Access to Samples
While you’ve dazzled your interviewer, remember that you’re one of several candidates. So make sure you reinforce the experience you just shared  by leaving behind a portable portfolio which your potential employer can reference whenever necessary. CDs and flash drives are great ways to package digital samples of your work.  At the very least, send a link to a folder in Dropbox or other cloud drive resource that contains your work after the interview.

Been on an interview lately? Have you had to show off some writing, video, or graphic samples? How did you present your portfolio? Let us know in the Comment section!

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