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5 Animation Tools to Make Your Presentations Stand Out

5 Animation Tools to Make Your Presentations Stand Out


We’ve all created slide presentations, mostly via Microsoft Powerpoint – many of us have even produced them for executives to accompany their town hall or other meetings. While this tool certainly makes your presentation more appealing than one without any type of graphic support, in this day and age, a simple slideshow has become, “been there, done that” (not that those sliding and fade-in transitions in Powerpoint aren’t neato).

Nowadays, you’re probably doing yourself – and definitely your executive leader – a disservice by using a simple slideshow. Today’s audiences, particularly millenials, expect animation. While we certainly want to provide the best display possible for important meetings and events, it’s hard for some of us to break the paradigm or know where to start when it comes to creating a visually appealing presentation.

So today, I’ve provided links to a few sites that offer animation tools you can use to wow them at your next important event!

PowToon is a minimalist, user-friendly, and intuitive presentation software that allows someone with no technical or design skills to create engaging professional-looking animated presentations. It’s a combination of presentation and animated cartoon. PowToon prides itself on allowing users to engage, explain, and sell with impact. They have ready-made, drag-and-drop templates you can use to interact, teach, and inform in a fun and entertaining way.

Moovly is a cloud-based online digital media content creation platform. You only need a browser and internet access to make fantastic mixed media content for educating and engaging employees or clients.

Moovly’s goal is to enable everyone to create affordable, simple, and intuitive multimedia content. You can make videos or presentations using library objects and free templates. Add your own images, sounds, and video clips. The user-friendly controls let you easily edit, view, update, rename, describe, copy, delete, and restore your videos or presentations.

GoAnimate’s breaks down the process of video creation – scripting and storyboarding, voice recording, visual animation, audio enhancement, and publishing – let users become their own producer and editor. They offer templates and starters to get you started quickly, and elements are easy to drag and drop as you wish. Their libraries have literally thousands of characters, backgrounds, and props. You can publish your final product on GoAnimate and embed it on your site

To help you make boring data beautiful and easy to understand, visme offers 100+ fonts, millions of free images, and thousands of quality icons to beautify you content. You can add video, control playback, upload audio, or record voice over right inside the editor. Visme allows you to view and present your content anytime from anywhere on any device. You can share online as URL, on social media, embed it to a site, or download for offline use. In addition, you can animate any object, add links and pop-ups and transitions.

Prezi combines motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to engage your audience and help them remember your message. With this innovative tool, you can tell your company’s story in creative new ways. Its cloud-based collaboration lets teams, departments, or entire organizations create and present together.

I hope one of these can help you create awesome presentations your employees and execs will love! If you’ve used any other tools that have helped you add dynamic elements to your presentations, let us know in the Comment section below!

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