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4 Ways to Find Creative People

4 Ways to Find Creative People

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There’s a saying: You’re the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time. Let’s say you wanted to earn more money; the thinking here is that you should find five people who are financially successful, and by social osmosis, you’ll begin to absorb the attitudes, processes, mindframes, and behaviors that make one financially successful.

The same applies for almost anything, including creativity. If you believe you need to become more creative, the idea is that you should find five creative people and spend as much time as possible with them. So, let’s say you want to be more creative in your writing, but if you don’t know many, or any, creative folk. Where can you meet some?

Your Workplace
Seems too obvious, but sometimes we forget to take advantage of the resources right in front of us every day. For instance, there might be a Creative Services in your organization filled with writers and graphic designers. You’ve probably worked with them on different projects. These individuals got into their line of work because they wanted to put their creative talents to use, and you have regular access to them!

Then there are those who might have creative interests outside the office. Even in the most formal corporate environments, there are usually people who express themselves in some artistic way during their personal time. They might be painters, sculptors, stand-up comedians, or poets. Unless these people are extremely shy and don’t reveal anything about themselves, chances are that their coworkers (maybe ones with whom you are friendly) know about their extracurricular artistic endeavors.

So get to know these coworkers. Invite them to lunch or happy hour and find out what makes them tick. is a modern-day miracle for people who share common interests looking to connect with others of the same ilk. If you want to find creative writers, artists, or videographers, go to and do a simple search. You’ll find a treasure trove of Meetup groups with members who share this hobby. If you can’t find any existing groups, take the initiative and start your own.

Night School
If you want to learn to be a more creative writer, or any other artistic activity, many communities offer night school classes. Search your township or city’s name in Google along with “night school,” and you’re almost sure to find available education programs for a very affordable fee. Participating in these classes can not only increase your knowledge and skills, but put you in a room with others who share your creative interest. You can also take the opportunity to get to know the instructor and tap into his/her experience.

Seminars and Networking Events
There are people who still don’t see the need to actively network. I used to be one of them. Then I began attending more on a regular basis and learned that there’s almost no better way to meet multiple people in the course of a few hours. The best part – if you’re talking with someone for whom you can’t provide value and vice versa, there are plenty of other people waiting to speak with you. Eventually you will find someone with whom you’ll connect on an intellectual level. Keep talking with people until you discover someone who appears to have the kind of creative outlook you’re seeking.

Likewise, industry seminars and conventions based around a particular interest or specialty are teaming with people with common pursuits. Like you, they’re not only seeking the knowledge provided by those facilitating the event, they’re looking to connect with other professionals. Treat these as a networking event. Listen to those who comment during Q&A and feedback sessions. There will be those who will share their experiences and ideas. This is a great way to identify those who seem to think outside the box.

Do you have any ways of your own to find an associate with creative types? What advice would you give our readers? Let them know in the Comment section below!

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