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4 Ideas for Your Executive Podcast

4 Ideas for Your Executive Podcast

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Several months ago, I made the case for why your executive leaders should have a regular internal podcast. Now that you’re thoroughly persuaded by my position, next comes the question of what kind of content this podcast should provide.

For this post, we’ll assume that the executive in question is your CEO, but certainly leaders of specific departments can and should have their own vehicles to communicate regularly to their employees, including a podcast.

Note that these ideas are not meant to be stand-alone. Use one or a combination in your CEO’s podcast to reach out to and engage your employees with informative and compelling content.

Business/Organizational Updates
People love transparency… and don’t get a lot of it in their daily life. A podcast would be a great opportunity for your CEO to provide a “State of the Business” update to discuss sales, financial health, partnerships, affiliations, organizational changes, community outreach efforts, etc. If a company’s doing well, employees are interested in the possibility of new opportunities that might be ahead. Conversely, if an organization is doing poorly, employees appreciate information that can help them make plans for the future (do they need to look for other opportunities, new training, etc.?).  Offering a forthcoming business status benefits your workers and can build engagement when they feel more involvement in the state of the organization.

Employee Q&A
Maybe employees want sales updates, but they probably have other questions on a number of topic concerning their work environment. A regular podcast that answers direct questions submitted by employees is an effective way to literally let workers know they are heard by those at the top. Obviously if the question pertains to what might be classified as “insider information,” then it’s sensible to not elaborate – although acknowledging that the question was asked and that an update will be provided when it’s legally and competitively permissible to do so. Hearing their questions read and addressed by leadership is gives employees a great sense of empowerment and will be a big boon to your engagement efforts.

Employees can’t get enough recognition. They appreciate hearing about the awards, achievements, promotions, etc. earned by themselves or their coworkers. Hearing the CEO acknowledge the accomplishment of an employee who went above and beyond to serve the customer or achieve efficiencies in internal processes can provide a big morale boost within the internal population.

Industry Updates
While the state of the business is important to employees in your organization, so are updates regarding your particular industry. Are there new trends on which your company is making plans to capitalize? Are there new government regulations that will impact companies like yours? A podcast is a great way to inform employees interested in external factors that might impact their jobs.

Are your executive leaders offering podcasts as part of their communications to employees? If not, are there any particular forum themes similar to the ones above they create in other communication channels (video, blog, etc.)? Let us know in the Comment section below.

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