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3 Ways to Cast Your Corporate Video

3 Ways to Cast Your Corporate Video

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It’s Thanksgiving, and I am HUNGRY for some turkey and stuffing! So I’ll make this short and sweet… like candied yams…(droooool).

I’ve written a bit about making videos a part of your communication strategy, even giving you a few ideas (you’re welcome)!  So perhaps you’ve started your corporate video program, but you’re having a little trouble casting them. After all, our coworkers aren’t professional actors, and some can be quite camera shy. Heck. I know if I wasn’t the one producing and shooting the videos, I’d avoid being in front of the camera like my life depended on it. So if you’re having the issue of getting others to be actors in your cinematic opuses (or is it opi?), then here are a few tips for you:

Find Outgoing People
Unless you work in a library, it’s hard to think that you can’t find anyone in your organization who has an outgoing personality and is just waiting for a chance to perform. Seek out these people and get to know them. Become friendly so they’re more apt to help you out when you need it.

Post a Casting Call
You might have seen ads in your local paper or on Craigslist asking for models or actresses… oh. Maybe that’s a bad analogy. But you get the idea. Advertisements for talent work, and they can certainly work for you. So post a call for actors on your intranet. You’ll be surprised at how many people are ready to let out their inner diva and be a part of a communication campaign.

Get Management to “Force” Employee Participation
Let me tell ya… I am NOT above this tactic. I’ve been in a position more than once when I’ve needed people to participate in my videos and was having a hard time getting actors. So if I was highlighting a particular department or program in my video, for example, I would ask the managers and directors to… “persuade” their direct reports to be actors. People want to please their bosses, so if it’s getting down to the wire and you’re in need of talent, trust me on this one.

Have you ever run into this issue? How did you solve your casting issues? Let me know in the Comment section below.

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Have a fantabulous Thanksgiving!

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